Sunday, November 1, 2009

31th October 2009

Study week for my 7th semester in USM… well I have 1 more week with no exam, while the rest of USM students will go for the battle in examinations arena. (Usually in Dewan Peperiksaan A B C or D in near Padang PALAPES.

Today, I woke up at around 10am… saw David studying… hehehe I was tired... I went back to my short sleep, woke up at 11 check my Facebook, handphone and my yahoo messenger without bothering the Holy Spirit. The spirit in me always reminded me of many important things to do but my heart seem to be enchanted with worldly stuff like Facebook and all that stuffs…

So I went to lunch with David… I have sms’ed max yama tim rem but only Max responded… huhu anyhow, we have decided to go for the great and yummy Wan Tan Mee in Shuang Xing… so me and david passed Fajar Harapan and I shouted “MaX!... Max!” then came a hensom boy at the window… heheh si max… so we waited for him and then we walk together la… he told me that they (tim and joe) stayed at padang PALAPES until 6am… fuhhh! So I guess this morning Tim woke up late… huhu tak sempat lunch…

So walked… and walked… but sadly we noticed that Shuang Xing was close… huhu T.T! so we head to Bali-Bali la… huhuhu (its ok Shuang Xing… we serang you other time la hehehe)
So when we reached bali2… then suddenly I noticed there is a lady who has been in my mind for so many times and she is very familiar to me… heheeh gosh ITS FLORA!!! Alaaa Flora Lomboting!!! Heheheh not expecting her to be in Penang… and in Bali-bali!!! Gosh… I thought She was in Sabah back then… cuz she has graduated from USM… I heard that she worked in UMS… tp jumpa pula..

She told us so much about her experience working in her own restaurant in tamparuli with her brother in law… (should call as brother in grace hgehehhe)
Her stories wassss so funny and full with typical sabahan accents.. hAhAh cerita kena kacau orang mabuk… berkawan baik dengan orang pilak and om hehehe lawak!
Lepas tu balik campus…
Sambung facebooking and YMing… lupa study… tym tuh sgttttttttt la boring… facebook facebook facebook… then tiba2 entah… sy piker mcm mau pigi church… hmmm Malam ni ada SNL… so I told pitung… hehehhe then… sampai 4pm sy sambugn kerja wajib… iaitu tidorrrr til 6.30…
Ujan…. Mcm kedagingan ini mengatakan jangan pigi church… adoiii dah la ujan… lapar lagik huhu but ada The Spirit in me terus kuat dan terus kuat… fuhh TIDAK! Sy mesti pigi church… I know something is going to happen! Yeah…sy kol rem… tapi dia katakana dia nda mau pigi church… huhu sedih juga… then suddenly…fon rang! Wa???? Jess call… yey… Jesus has sent her with car to fetch meeeeeeeee hehehe PRAISE THE LORD (angelic laugh to the Devils) hAhaHa
Then we reached church!! Wow…. I was so happy… great!!!
I shook everyone’s hand… HAhahahah was full of the Joy from the Holy Spirit… everyone was like smiling back and some make funny face expressions… heheheh maybe because they didn’t were not use or malu tu salam-salam… hehehe (where in BM service… if you don’t salam people means you are different hehehhehe) wow… the church’s atmosphere is so wonderful… I was so excited… with what blessings did Daddy has stored for me… goshhh the lighting pun best… gelep2 lagi… aduii sgt nda sabar mau praise and worship Dia…
So we sat at the most comfortable seats… the Nicky and Kenny start the praise and worship… fuhhhh They Invited everyone to go to the from and just have a great free worship accompanied by The Holy Spirit… wow… after all the praise songs… then we went back to our respective seats… then nicky and Wilson take charge of the pengumuman… then after that we offer our offerings... then go into His presence in Worship spirit… fuhhh so great! And I missed the moment so much… worship was so intimate and really ministered by His presence… sooo awesome!
Then Pastor May take over the service and continue with Holy Communion… wow Jesus Blood cleansed everybody… cleansed every sins! So that we have the righteousness and the holiness to partake His blood and His body in the from of Grape juice and also bread. Hallelujah!

After that great worship, then pastor may came to give some introduction on pastor Thillak from Sri Langka… He has shared from 2Samuel 2 :14- 16..

2:12 And Abner the son of Ner, and the servants of Ishbosheth the son of Saul, went out from Mahanaim to Gibeon.
2:13 And Joab the son of Zeruiah, and the servants of David, went out, and met together by the pool of Gibeon: and they sat down, the one on the one side of the pool, and the other on the other side of the pool.
2:14 And Abner said to Joab, Let the young men now arise, and play before us. And Joab said, Let them arise.

He gave some testimonies on how the people in sri langka has receive Jesus and experience so much miracles… fuhhh can you imagin… people with heart failure were healed… diabetes healed… and the most awesome one is people with tooth decay… gigi tumbuh semula menjadi gigi COLGATE! Wahhhhhhhhhh dasyat Tuhan Yesus… hehehhee in only 8 months about 200 people come to know Jesus… Hallelujah! Wow… everyone in the church was astonished and overwhelmed by what God has done in Sri Lanka… fuhhh mantap man!!!! Napa la di Penang jarang mcm tuh??? Sy mau experience oooo Tuhan YEsussss hantar revival in MalAYSIA!!!! We are so thirsty and hungry for you love…

Lastly pastor Thillak encouragement is that… We ; children of The KING must go to the enemy’s camp / territory and save the lost souls and bring them back to Jerusalem. His Children must bring impact to the people’s lives…

But the best surprise that Jesus has kept for us is that He has sent His son all the way from sri lanka… PASTOR MITCHELL aka Mitch! To be His tongue tonight! Pastor Mitch has said that “God is going to do great things in Penang… God wants to bring rEVOLution to Penang in spiritual realms. He will revolutionize Penang… and the young Generations must be always be ready.

Pstor mitch also said
“When we receive Jesus Christ… we has received salvation as a gift… and the moment we receive it… it is the beginning of a great JOURNEY!
When we come to church we come to exalt Jesus Christ… why!? Because we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Pst Mitch also mentioned about the difference about RELIGION and RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Chirst!
If we see Christianity as a religion… we are like slavery, keep on doing the same thing over and over again. NO TRANFORMATIONS of live!

But! If we have relationship with Jesus Christ…
We do everything out of LOVE…
We are making a call to Jesus everytime!
We will always live concern about Jesus Christ
We will do anything because We are in love!

The He moved to boundaries and addictions… that has slaved Children of God… Pastor mitch said
- we must make CHOICE!
- Black is Black, and White is White… no such thing as GRAY in Jesus Christ!
MAKE A CHOICE now… Decide to have changes and transformations in life and choose to Glorify, exalt and lift Jesus Christ!

“NO MORE COMPROMISING Facebook, pornography, masturbations, etcs etcs…”

Then he moved to The topic of the The Father Love…
Jesus said : “I do everything what I see my father do”
Many times, the real biological father that we had in this world has distorted our perspective of our Heavenly Father! That is why it is very hard for people to get intimate in Praise and Worship!

We have to break every curse!! In Jesus name! and forgive and forget about any wrongs that our earthly father has done to us…

Then we come to the presence of prayer… wow The Holy Spirit began to touch every single person in the room. Praise The Lord… altar call was great! God delivered me from my addictions and my sins… The devil gave back the joy, the happiness, the blessings that he has stolen from me… Hallelujah!!! Jesus you are the best!!!!... wow… so greatttttttttt… Jesus is great!!!! Hallelujah!!!! That night I was restored… I was feeling victorious… wow thank you Jesus….
When the service ends, I go and thank pastor mitch, pastor Thillak, pastor may… and my cool pastor… pastor Steve… yeah great!!!!

I am so glad that I have chosen to listen to the Holy Spirit when He told me to go for the service tonight… Thanks Holy Spirit!!!! You are great!... then on the way out from epcc…. I shook everyone’s hand again… heheheh now they were so full of joy… hallelujah!

After that, me and jess went to makan at pelita… wow great food also… heheheh kenyang… and Holy Spirit leads us into moments of sharing… we have shared so many things. Wow… so relief la… then we go to baskin robins… hAhAhAHhahHAhaHa
Then finally back to bakti! Heheheh thanks you Jesus… I hAVE DECLARED that starting 1st NOVEMBER I will fast until one week is over on facebook! Yeahhhhh I cannot do this Jesus… but YOU CAN! Amen!!!!! Bye bye facebook!

Before I end this… I just want to thank you Jesus for your awesome job in me… you has been my bestest friend… and also my greatest GOD! Hallelujah! Segala kemuliaan, pujian dan hormat, I lifted up for yoU! All this I surrender in Jesus Name AMEN!

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